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You Can Still Work With Back Pain

If you have developed severe back pain, you may wonder if you can still work at your job. It is unlikely you will need to apply for disability; you can continue working at living a full life by making a few changes. Follow the guidelines in this article to make sure your painful back does not disable you.

Back pain can be caused by various conditions. If you have a slipped or herniated disk, you will absolutely need some type of surgery. Many people have had this type of surgery and are living a normally active life. Of course, you will always have to be careful to avoid injuring your back again as you go about your daily work and activities.

A big part of protecting your back is learning how to lift. Don’t ever pick up a heavy object when you are bending over from the waist. This posture and movement can seriously damage your back, and the consequences are very painful. If you need to move a heavy object, look for a way to move it without lifting it. You may be able to slide or roll it into a wheelbarrow. If you do need to lift something heavy, bend at the knees and grasp it. Then use your legs to do the lifting, while keeping the vertebra of your spine vertically aligned.

You may be surprised to learn that working in an office can cause back problems. Sitting at a desk or computer for extended periods of time can create stiff muscles, which eventually translate into a sore back. Take regular breaks to move around, walking and stretching your muscles.

Whether you are working at a desk or at a job that needs repeated movements while you are standing, make sure to use correct posture. When you are tired, it is easy to slump your shoulders or stand on one foot. Make every effort to keep the vertebra of your spine properly aligned.

Discuss any issues with back pain with your coworkers. It is possible they have experienced similar problems, and they may have helpful suggestions for you.

Taking pain medication every day is not recommended, but it may be necessary to get relief from time to time. Reducing the amount of pain you feel will help your back muscles relax, and this can help you get better.

There are times when going to a chiropractor or a physical therapist can help get you past a period when you are experiencing a lot of pain. A chiropractic massage may be more helpful than an adjustment, unless the practitioner knows exactly what the problem is and how to treat it.

Once your back begins hurting, the pain and tight muscles can make the problem worse. Try stretching when you first get up in the morning, and take care to avoid injuring your back more by lifting or twisting movements.

If you have a serious back problem, make sure to see a doctor and get the treatment you need. If your back muscles are the problem, you can work and live a nearly normal life by following these suggestions.

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