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Understanding and Managing Your Back Pain

Do you experience back pain regularly? Do you want solutions beyond dependence upon pills to help you feel better? If so, you are not alone. Back pain is one of the most common complaints in our society. There is good news, however. Many people have found relief from their back pain without medication. Read on to find tips to better understand and manage your back pain, so that you can start living the full life you want to lead.

The first thing you need to do is consult a doctor to find out the medical cause of your pain. Your doctor may order physical therapy or suggest other treatments. While visiting your physician, find out what types of activity you are medically cleared to do.

There are several causes of back pain that can be addressed in a fairly short period of time. One of these is excess weight. Even a few extra pounds puts additional strain on your back. If you are overweight, dropping those extra pounds may be sufficient to relieve the stress your back in experiencing. Rather than going on a crash diet, learn to eat well and exercise. This will help to make sure long-term results.

Another common cause for lower back pain is underdeveloped abdominal muscles. Weak muscles lead to poor support for your body, which puts additional stress on your lower back. There are a number of exercise regimes that will help develop these muscles. Probably the most notable for focusing on the core muscles is Pilates. Developed to help dancers, Pilates has helped people worldwide to strengthen their core muscles and reduce, or even eliminate, back pain.

Tai chi has been shown to be beneficial to back pain sufferers. The movements are slow and fluid, gently stretching muscles. Many who find other forms of exercise too stressful or demanding enjoy tai chi.

Similar in benefits to tai chi and Pilates is yoga. There are many different styles of yoga. If you are new to the practice, start slow. Talk to the instructor about your situation to find out what class would best suit you. The idea is to find exercises that will stretch and strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.

Whether you are interested in tai chi, Pilates or yoga, your community is likely to have a course offered at a gym or local community college. Check your newspaper or online to find listings for courses close to you. Often, institutions and instructors will allow potential students to take a class without signing a contract first.

You may also benefit from visits to a chiropractor. Make certain to have a copy of your medical records, including your most recent x-rays, to your first appointment. Many have discovered that chiropractic adjustments work well in conjunction with stretching and strengthening techniques.

You do not have to allow your back pain to control your life. Try the techniques suggested in this article if you want to manage your pain without medications. You can lead a full and productive life, with less pain!

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