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Symptoms Of Sciatic Pain

Sciatic pain is caused due to compression of the sciatic nerve. Physical strain experienced for a longer time can lead to sciatic pain. Generally people who meet with any kind of accident may suffer from sciatic pain.

Sciatic pain is commonly experienced after spinal injury, strenuous exercises, prolonged sitting, and improper jumping. Weight lifters who lift heavy objects in an improper manner also become victims of sciatic pain. Sciatic pain can cause muscular and sensory abnormalities in your legs and thighs. Sciatic pain is indeed a serious condition as it abruptly disrupts your normal activities.

Symptoms of sciatic pain may vary from one person to another in terms of intensity, type and suffering period. It also depends on the nature of your complaint and nerve fibers that are involved:

  • A common symptom of sciatic pain is a cramping and a burning sensation in your thigh.
  • You may also experience tingling or needles sensation in your legs.
  • Shooting pains from buttock, down to your legs is an indication that you are suffering from sciatic pain.
  • You find it difficult to raise the heel.
  • Numbness to the lateral or outer foot is one of the symptoms of sciatic pain.

Sometimes sciatic pain can be tolerated as the intensity of pain may be less. Another common symptom of sciatica pain is stiffness and tightness in your lower back that hampers normal activity. You may find it difficult to stand and rise immediately after sitting for a very long time. In such situation it is necessary to take proper care, otherwise pain may aggravate.

Flickering pain in buttock or hip or leg forces you to take bed rest. Parts of the body that are involved may become weak. Due to pain, you may be unable to concentrate on your daily activities. In some cases, it has been observed that people suffer from partial paralysis below knee. Development of paralysis can hinder your bowel and bladder control. If you avoid taking proper treatment, it can worsen the pain as the pain will magnify and recur over time.

Symptoms of sciatic pain must be diagnosed as early as possible to prevent further complications. These symptoms. if neglected, can simply make your life miserable. It is necessary to take proper precautions when symptoms of sciatic pain are noticed.

A person having symptoms of sciatica pain should sleep on hard flat surfaces rather than sleeping on foam mattress. Lifting heavy objects is strictly prohibited as it may worsen your problem. Sitting continuously for a long time can intensify your back pain. You body should remain active; hence exercises such as swimming or brisk walking daily for at least 30 minutes can effectively reduce your pain. Doctors sometimes advise hot bath and massage to get relief from the pain

Severity of symptoms of sciatic pain is simply unbearable and therefore it is advised to consult a doctor for proper treatment. If proper care is taken, symptoms of sciatic pain can go within 5 to 6 weeks.

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