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How You Can Still Work with Back Pain

Although millions of people from across the globe deal with back pain, it’s not as if the workforce can just stop. This means that you can’t just sit at home with your back pain; you have to manage to work through it sometimes. Fortunately there are a few ways that you can care for your back properly, even while you’re at work.

You have to remember that back pain can easily get worse if you’re not caring for your back properly. So if you’re at work with back pain, you cannot overexert yourself. If the boss is hounding you about some heavy lifting, make your issue known. You shouldn’t put yourself in a position where you’re risking further injury.

You have to learn to lift objects a lot differently than we’re predisposed to lift them. From the time we’re kids, we just pick up whatever we can physically lift with little thought to our backs. But when you’re dealing with back problems, you have to use your hands and arms to grip and your legs to lift. Your back shouldn’t be bearing the load.

You need to understand that back pain isn’t necessarily due to physical labor. In fact, if you’re performing sedentary work and are maintaining bad posture or sitting in a bad seat, you could cause a lot more damage to your back than lifting heavy objects. Get the proper chair if you’re going to be sitting for extended periods.

Per the advice above, you need to maintain proper posture at the workplace. If you’re sitting down, make sure you have ample support in your seat. If you’re on your feet all day, invest in a back brace (that bulky black belt) to offer you the proper support.

The people you work with should know about your back pain. If you’re keeping it a secret, then the load is probably going to fall on you without any thought to what you’re dealing with. When you let people know, however, you can find some help lifting those objects and you won’t have to risk further injury by doing everything alone.

You should understand that things like surgery and medication are always valid options depending on the severity of your back pain. Surgery should definitely be the last resort, but there are many surgical options available to you. Pain medications also help. Look for OTC anti-inflammatory medications and general pain relievers like Aleve.

In terms of chiropractors, the jury is still out on whether or not this type of remedy provides a long-term solution, so be very careful about investing in this treatment. As far as physical therapy and massage therapy goes, you can find some valid relief here. Just make sure that you’re visiting a reputable practitioner before you invest your money.

You have to be very aware of your limitations when you’re dealing with back pain. Know how much you can take and know when to rest your back. Don’t try to take on too much; do whatever you can and work around the pain you’re experiencing.

You might think that you should just stay home and rest, but working with back pain can actually be healthy if you’re doing things the right away. Use what you’ve learned here to approach work the proper way.

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