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Spine Surgeries Can Be Easier Thanks To New Technology

Traditional Spine Surgeries

Spine surgeries can provide the ultimate answer to a great variety of back conditions. Back pain is one of the most common ailments in our society, with as many as eight people in ten suffering some degree of back discomfort at some time in their life. This back pain can have a variety of causes, from the sudden accident to the wearing long term degeneration caused by bad posture or bad position while working. Many of these conditions can be treated with manipulative treatment, but some will need extensive surgery to eliminate the causes of extreme pain.

Many back conditions start without the patient even being aware of them developing, because there is no actual pain as the problem develops. When it reaches the level where pain starts, there will already be some setting in of the condition. It is vital to seek medical attention as soon as the problem begins to develop, so that you can treat the problem with non-invasive treatments. When the problem becomes severe enough, it will no longer be treatable without major spine surgery.

There are many alternatives to cervical surgery and surgery on the spine, provided the condition is caught early enough. Treatment to manipulate the spine can be extremely soothing and can release a lot of the pain. It can also reverse the condition completely if it is caught early enough, and the bone remains malleable enough to allow it to move. You can help this process along by making sure that you always retain good posture throughout your working day. If you feel you need to rest and lay down, try to have your feet slightly above the height of your head.

If this manipulative treatment does not, or cannot, solve your back problem, you will need to consider the possibility of major spinal surgery. This possibility may fill you with dread, but it is far less risky than it once was. New techniques of surgery have been developed which allow many conditions to be treated without a general anesthetic, and without any major incisions being made. Not all back surgeries can be carried out this way, but any which can are far less risky, and will need a far shorter period of recovery.

The more extreme spine surgeries will need a general anesthetic, and they will need a major incision. This is often necessary when the problem is in the lumbar region of the lower back, and where it is caused by a fault with one of the discs in that region. These surgeries can be even more complex if there is fluid which needs to be drained, as the surgeon will then need to apply a special tube. Secondary surgery will be needed to remove the tube, and this will add to the complication and the risk involved with spine surgeries.

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