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Why Spinal Stenosis Can Be Difficult To Diagnose And Treat

Spinal StenosisSpinal stenosis occurs when the spinal column is narrowed in an unusual and extreme way. This can happen at any point of the spine, from the base to the area near the neck. The condition is actually more commonly found at either of the base areas than in the middle of the spine. If you are feeling pain in the area of your back, you will need to have the fault properly diagnosed before treatment can be applied. This diagnosis is carried out using increasingly sophisticated equipment, although actual examination of the back area will also play a part.

There are various problems which can afflict the spine, and cause similar symptoms of back pain. All you can do before the diagnosis is made is to try to control the pain and make your life more comfortable. This is usually done with pain killing drugs, but you can also try to massage your back, or try lying down with your feet slightly above the level of your head. Any of these will only give short-term relief, if your condition is serious enough to need serious medical treatment, and possible stenosis surgery.

It is unwise, though, to automatically believe that surgery will be necessary. There are many cases of stenosis, and all other back problems, which respond to treatments other than surgery. Surgery will always be a traumatic event for the human body, and it is best avoided if possible. Spinal manipulation has a good track record of success in treating many back conditions, and will result in a complete cure without side effects, if it proves a good match for your stenosis of the spine.

There are many cases of stenosis which will not respond to manipulation. These will obviously need other forms of treatment, most usually surgery. This applies especially to lumbar spinal stenosis, where the shortening of the spinal column is close to the base of the spine. This is where there is an area of soft material around several discs at the lower back. These discs are necessary to give the body its flexibility, but they can be a source of problems if they are not properly maintained.

There have been many experiments of using complementary medicine to treat spinal stenosis, and some degree of success has been obtained. While there is no complete solution or alternative to surgery, acupuncture in particular has relieved a great deal of pain. If your spinal area is damaged, you will still need to have surgery to correct the fault at some point. This is especially true if you have lumbar stenosis. You can, however, be grateful to achieve a temporary lessening of the pain of spinal stenosis.

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