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Sciatic Pain Tips

Sciatic pain is one of the common types of back pain. It is caused due to irritation of sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body and pain is experienced in the lower back, below the knees and behind the thighs. Below given are some helpful sciatic pain tips that you can use to relieve the sciatic back pain.

If you are suffering from severe sciatic pain, then exercises and moving around can help you more then simple rest. Basically, there are two types of exercises such as strengthening exercise and stretching exercise.

  • In strengthening exercise, the emphasis is given on strengthening the back and abdominal muscles offering good support to the back.
  • Stretching exercise focuses on the muscles causing pain as they become inflexible and tight.
  • Regular strengthening and stretching exercises can be helpful for rapid recovery as well as for prevention of future flare-ups.
  • Low impact aerobic exercises like swimming, walking, rowing, cycling etc can also be beneficial to overcome sciatic pain. They may be painful in the beginning, but can offer a long-term relief. These aerobic activities encourage the exchange of nutrients and fluids to create better healing environment. It also helps in releasing body’s natural painkillers that will alleviate acute sciatic pain.

You can apply heat pack or ice pack at the painful area which can immediately give you a relief and it can be used very safely during pregnancies. Medications such as ibuprofen can effectively reduce the pain; however it should be avoided during pregnancy. Hot bath also can offer a great relief in many patients.

Your diet should be supplemented with natural multi vitamins and multi minerals including anti oxidants, lipoic acid flavonoids and beta-carotene to help fight sciatica pain. These are some easy and effective sciatic pain tips.

It is advised to wear flat and soft shoes to prevent jarring of the spine while walking. You should be very flexible and mobile all the time. Do not sit still in one place for longer periods of time. When you are sitting, keep your back as straight as far as possible. You can use a small cushion or rolled towel that can support your back while sitting. Avoid lifting heavy things when you are passing through the trauma of sciatic pain. If in any case, you have to lift anything, suggested posture is bending from the knees and keeping the back straight.

These are some beneficial sciatic pain tips that you should follow regularly. With these tips, you can protect yourself from the sciatic injuries in future and lead a healthy life.

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