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Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

Sciatic Pain during pregnancy is not necessarily a common condition experienced by every pregnant woman. Although it is not totally pregnancy related condition, sciatic pain may affect many women during their pregnancy period.

The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves in the human body and it runs from the lower rear to the back of legs and feet. This nerve generates sensation in the muscles of legs and feet. Sometimes this sciatic nerve may become irritated due to damage or stress in the back. In such situation, sciatic pain may arise. Sometimes constant stress to the sciatic nerve may cause numbness, weakness in the leg or itchy feeling. Some women experience this feeling that is similar to the sensation that one gets by pricking of needles and pins to your leg.

Stress on a sciatic nerve during pregnancy can lead to many discomforts like back pain and more. Some women consider that the baby may put pressure on the sciatic nerve that may cause pain. However, this is not convinced, because most often sciatic pain during pregnancy happens due to damage to the disc in backbone. This may cause swelling in the tissues neighboring the nerve or can result in direct stress to the nerve. The disc injury is mostly possible in the women who are pregnant and overweight.

The sciatic pain in women can develop at any moment, irrespective of they are pregnant or not. In some cases, it can be co-occurrence that they experience ache and uneasiness during their pregnancy. The sciatic pain in some women can happen in their rear and leg and they will experience ache or itchy in that portion, while some women may just feel uneasiness in one or other area of their body. In some cases, pelvic pain during pregnancy can be misidentified as sciatic pain.

The typical symptoms of Sciatic Pain during pregnancy are:

* Burning in the buttock, leg or lower rear,
* Needles and pins in the leg or lower back and affected foot
* Numbness in the leg or feet
* Pain in the back of pelvis which may spread into the foot.

Mostly, sciatic pain disappears without any medical treatment. But sometimes this pain can last for up to six weeks or more. It is better to take basic treatment for Sciatic Pain during pregnancy regularly, as it can be helpful to reduce some of the symptoms. Manual therapy is one of the best treatments to reduce stress and uneasiness related with pregnancy rear pain.

Your therapist can suggest a list of helpful exercises to recover your health, support the abdominal muscles, back muscles and the pelvic floor muscles. The exercises can be also helpful for a trouble-free delivery and post delivery life.

Chiropractic care is also a helpful treatment for Sciatic Pain during pregnancy. However, while choosing this option, make sure that chiropractor is well skilled and experienced in working with parental patients. Massage therapy is also useful for relieving swelling and symptoms related with sciatic. You can choose one of the therapies that are most convenient for your health.

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