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8 Ways To Relieve Your Back Pain

Unfortunately, back pain is a very common issue in the world today. We move too fast, carry too much weight on our shoulders and really don’t stop to think about what we are doing to our bodies until we feel the pain. Learn how to relieve or avoid back pain in your life, with the following helpful tips.

1. Weight loss. If you are carrying around excess poundage, that will weigh heavy on your spine–along with the rest of your body. Make a commitment to manage your weight and you will experience a significant reduction in back pain.

2. Exercises that strengthen. Start engaging in core and ab-strengthening workouts that will take the pressure off of your back. When you beef up other muscle groups, your back has less work to do. Check with your doctor first to avoid worsening back pain, make sure you do the exercises properly and don’t do them at all if your back problems are the direct result of an injury–try physical therapy instead, until you are healed.

3. Better posture. Bad ways of sitting and standing really beat up on your spine and other joints. Contorting yourself in various positions that you were not designed for will create or worsen any back pain you already have. Make a point of sitting up and walking straight. Use specialty pillows to prop you up correctly if needed, especially if your job need you to sit for long periods.

4. The right mattress. Soft mattresses cause your spine to sink out of place, and will lead to serious pain and complications. It shouldn’t be too firm either, so shop around until you find the perfect medium-firm mattress that will support you well for the full eight hours of sleep you should be getting.

5. Proper lifting techniques. Most people don’t even think about their bodies when they go to pick something up, and that can be really costly. Always bend at your knees first, not at the waist. Use your arm and leg strength for the bulk of lifting and never, ever attempt to lift things that are way too heavy for you. Get help!

6. Stretching often. Stretching keeps you nimble and relaxed, which will make you less apt to cause damage with movements! Make it the first thing you do when you get out of bed and a habit you practice throughout the day.

7. Taking a load off. Try carrying less around with you. Either to school or the office, we seem to be packing more and more over our shoulders and right onto our backs! Lug only the bare minimum around if your back is aching, or try purchasing a briefcase or back-pack with wheels, rather than putting all that pressure square on your spine.

8. Resolving stress and tension. Excess stress leads to physical tension and tightening of muscles, which will seriously add to your back pain. Find ways to resolve the stress that builds up in your life before it takes a toll on your back. Hot baths or showers, yoga, music therapy or whatever will help you release all that negative and unhealthy tension.

You’ve got too much going on to be slowed down by back pain; put these tips to good use in your life and start taking better care of your back!

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