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Tips To Reduce Back Pain While Working On The Computer

Tips To Reduce Back Pain While Working On The Computer

Many people’s jobs need them to spend a significant amount of time sitting in front of a computer. Unfortunately, the human body does have its limits and its needs. There are ways that you can reduce some of the pain associated with the time spent sitting at a desk. This article will focus on the simple steps you can take for pain relief.

When you are sitting on your desk chair, always practice good posture. Your back should be kept straight and never hunch your shoulders. As the hours progress sitting at your desk, it can be easy to forget to keep your back straight. Write a note to yourself on a sticky note and leave it on the desk to remind yourself to keep your back straight. If you mentally scold yourself often, you will eventually develop a good habit of naturally doing this.

The chair you use for your desk is of utmost importance. An inferior plastic desk chair can be your spine’s worst nightmare. Have you ever seen those cute plastic chairs with their contemporary designs? It’s something you need to avoid at all costs. Visit a local furniture store and look at the options they have available for desk chairs. Choose a chair that is adjustable to work for your height and your desk’s height. It should also offer proper lumbar support and should have a solid back. Chairs that have designer holes, rarely offer the support your back craves.

Use proper ergonomic placement for your computer and its parts. Your computer’s monitor should be directly in your line of view. You shouldn’t have to crane your neck or twist your body to see your screen properly. Your keyboard and mouse should be placed on a tray under your desk. Most professional desks offer this extra add-on for extra comfort. If you don’t have a tray under your desk to hold your keyboard, raise the height of your chair so you’re above your keyboard and mouse. You should not have to hunch your shoulders to accommodate your typing.

Take a few minutes out of your schedule and get up at least once every hour to stretch. Simple stretches such as squats or small arm movements are perfectly good to get your back out of a stiff state. Walk around your room or area several times to get the circulation going in your legs and to avoid hunching because you’re too tired to sit.

Never place items such as your phone or stapler beyond your reach. When you work in an office or spend too much time at your desk, it is natural to reach for these items and strain your muscles. When you make twisting motions or extend your arms too far, you are putting strain on your spine. This often results in pulled muscles and back pain.

Sitting in front of a computer all day isn’t too rewarding. There are plenty of health problems associated with office work and that includes back pain. Use the comprehensive tips from this article to make sure a successful and pain-free day in front of the computer.

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