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Protecting Yourself From Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is something everyone experiences at one point in their lives. Muscle strain and injury is a common cause of back pain and something you have to be aware of if you are pregnant. If you are planning on having a baby or already pregnant, there are some things you need to keep in mind and some precautions you will need to take in preventing and treating back pain. Keep reading this article for some more information and advice about pregnancy and back pain.

You might experience back pain more than usual during your pregnancy because of all the changes happening in your body. Weight gain is an unavoidable part of pregnancy. Actually, not gaining weight during pregnancy would be a bad thing. But weight gain in anyone can cause back pain due to the extra pounds you need to carry around. Make sure your weight gain during pregnancy is healthy, but not excessive. You can do this by focusing on healthy food with lots of nutrition, which will also help your baby grow strong and healthy.

The increase of certain hormones during your pregnancy can also cause back pain. Some hormones are released by your body to make your joints looser to make giving birth easier. While this change will benefit you in the future, the changes in your lower body can end up causing discomfort and possibly pain. Just remember that it will make things easier down the line.

Other causes of back pain during your pregnancy is that your body’s center of gravity changes. This can be hard to adjust to and you might end up changing trying to compensate for it by standing and sitting in different ways that might not be good for your back. To prevent this from happening, be careful of your posture during pregnancy. Always try to stand and sit with your back straight, and try not to let the added weight in front pull you down and hurt your back.

Other than maintaining a healthy, but not excessive, weight gain and keeping good posture, there are other ways you can prevent back pain during pregnancy. You should avoid sleeping on your back or stomach. Your weight is more evenly distributed when you sleep on your side. Also, always remember to squat, not bend, if you have to lift anything heavy.

There are also some things you should remember when trying to treat back pain. Avoid over the counter medications for pain and research anything your doctor prescribes to make sure it is right for you. If you have any concerns, speak with your doctor about them. If the pain is severe, consider seeing a chiropractor. You can also ease the pain with a hot or cold compress or a back brace.

Back pain can put a damper on an otherwise healthy pregnancy and make other conditions seem even more painful. Depending on the cause, some back pain may be unavoidable but there are ways to reduce and treat the pain when you are pregnant. Use the information and advice from the article above to go through your pregnancy with as little back pain as possible.

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