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Protecting Your Back During Pregnancy

Expectant women have enough to concern themselves with already; don’t let back pain become an issue while you prepare for your little one’s arrival. Consider the following ways in which you can protect and heal your back during pregnancy.

1. Proper posture. Just getting comfortable while you are pregnant can be a lengthy chore, however, you must be cognitive of the strain you are putting on your back. Get good pillows to support your body and avoid stooping over too much, or other things that can add to back strain.

2. Smart clothing and shoes. Maternity clothes were invented for a very good reason and you really need them to accommodate the changes to your body. Wear properly fitting maternity clothes, appropriate to whatever you will be doing and demand the very best when it comes to comfortable and supportive footwear.

3. Limit lifting. Although it cannot be eliminated completely, you must avoid heavy lifting during your pregnancy. The damage done to your back could be permanent and it’s very difficult to lift properly with your baby-bump. Solicit the help of friends or neighbors for any objects greater than ten pounds and when you must lift, do so with proper poise and technique.

4. Sleep considerations. Most experts agree that sleeping on your side is best for your spine and baby, but this position needs the aid of at least one pillow: place it under your belly in such a way that it takes the pull off of your back and body. Buy specialty foam pillows for neck support and take just as much care during naps on the sofa as you do nights in bed.

5. Healthy, nurturing massages. Some health-care plans offer coverage for massages during pregnancy, and even if yours doesn’t, sign-up for a session. A good masseuse, or one specializing in pregnancies, will have the expertise necessary to provide you with much needed relief by alleviating a lot of the pressure absorbed by your back.

6. Exercise in moderation. Keep up your physical activity to make sure good circulation, muscle tone and cardio health. Your doctor can recommend an appropriate regimen that will work your entire body without adding to the burden of pregnancy. If you are experiencing a lot of back pain, ask for specific exercises you can do to strengthen muscles and take the load off. Think more about your and your baby’s health, rather than exercise for weight-loss at this time.

7. Hydro-therapy. Water provides great relief for pregnant women, especially those with extra back pain. Consider signing up at a gym or spa that offers a pool for your nine months, and enjoy the comfort and support that floating in water will provide. You might even sign-up for an exercise in water class that is specifically designed with you in mind!

Back pain can make you miserable during pregnancy and if it continues after the baby is born, make life so much harder on you. Take good care of yourself while you are expecting, most especially your back, so that you are free to focus on the more important things going on in your life – such as that beautiful new baby!

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