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How To Prevent Your Back From Constantly Aching

Many people have back pain, but few realize how much they abuse their backs to begin with. Just putting a bit of thought into the right way to do things can go a long way in preventing back pain. Read over the following ways you can improve relations with your back, and suffer less because of it.

1. Sleeping on the right mattress. Although some people think the softer their mattress is, the kinder it is to their body, the opposite is actually true for your spine. Sinking into a cushy pillow top actually distorts the back in unnatural ways and doing this every night is a guaranteed way to increase back pain! Make sure your mattress is firm, yet comfortable.

2. Your mother was right about posture. If you picture the human skeleton, you see a fairly straight line for the spinal column. Now visualize the way you normally sit, and you’re bound to be thrown a curve! That’s right, most people sit in such a way that their spines form an ‘S’, which also throws the neck and hips out of whack. Ribs will also ache when proper posture is not followed, so do your back and entire body a big favor by sitting up straight!

3. Stop lifting without thinking. The normal inclination is to see something that needs to be moved, like a box or piece of furniture, and just do it. Wrong! Stop before you lift anything off the floor that weighs more than even a few pounds, and make sure you do it right. Use your leg muscles and not your back, or risk seriously hurting yourself; never bend from the waist to pick something up and if something is too heavy, ask a friend to help you.

4. Wardrobe malfunctions. Shoes and pants can contribute to back pain as much as anything else you do and again, it’s something people don’t give a lot of thought to. High heels, worn soles, improperly fitting shoes or not wearing specialty shoes that really support your feet on the job all lead to back troubles. Pants that fit too tightly or hug too far below the waist line will strain your back as well, especially if you move around a lot during the day. Find additions to your wardrobe that treat your body kindly as well as make you look good.

5. Beat stress, not the other way around. Stress beats up on your body and your mind. If you don’t get rid of it somehow, it’s going to build up in your muscles and create unbearable back aches! Find soothing and beneficial ways to ease your stress away and get more value from the time you spend relaxing. Get a massage every now and then or soak in a sauna. Bury your feet in the sand at the beach and just enjoy the act of breathing in the salty air. Use your favorite music to meditate stress away instead of letting it build up in your body.

Being cognitive of what you are doing to your back all day long will enable you to start taking preventative measures against back aches. Practice these tips and you will soon find yourself in much less pain!

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