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Attention All Future Mothers – Pregnancy Back Pain Relief Found

Most pregnant women will experience some kind of back pain before of the extra pressure put on their bodies especially being front heavy. Not only do they carry the extra weight in front of a baby but also enlarged breasts. In addition to this, they often have to sleep in strange positions and find a hard time getting comfortable when sitting or standing. All of these things can put strain on her back. But, there is pregnancy back pain relief available. Often women who are pregnant do not want to put many drugs into their system either, so the methods of relief should be as natural as possible. It is important that no harm is done to the child or mother in any of the methods for pregnancy back pain relief. The health of the mother and baby are always the primary consideration.

Most women who experience back pain during pregnancy as long as it is minor to moderate will try ice packs and heat alternating. The heat will relax the muscles and lower the pain while the ice packs will numb the pain for a while. It is typically done in about 20 to 30 minute intervals and then switching. Another way to get heat to the back is long warm baths. Bathing is a common relaxation technique and does relax the muscles. It can provide pregnancy back pain relief especially if there is aromatherapy or Epson salts added to the bath. Pregnancy back pain relief is important because women who are pregnant have to experience a plethora of troubles and different pain and so alleviating this pain can make a big difference. For instance, the pressure on the bladder makes them urinate frequently; contractions start to happen near the end causing pain, morning sickness and all day nausea throughout the pregnancy, and other problems that happen with pregnancy. Another popular method to reducing back pain during pregnancy is rubbing or massage. In fact, massage with heat can be quite effective as well. The great thing about these methods to pregnancy back pain relief is that they are all inexpensive and accessible. Even the massages can be done by the father or any family member or friend. Because of the increased weight on the body and over such a short period of time, it puts a lot of pressure on the feet and can cause the woman to stand and walk different. Therefore, it is important for the woman to wear good shoes. A common exercise that is helpful for pregnant women is a pelvic tilt. This is when the woman gets on her hands and knees on the floor ensuring the head is inline with the back. Then while pulling in the abdomen arch the back and spine upward. The position is to be held for several seconds at a time and then relaxed. It should be repeated about five times.

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