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Manage Your Back Pain Effectively With These Suggestions

Millions of people suffer from back pain everyday. This can be caused by injury, age, or just poor habits. Treatment for chronic back pain can get costly if it needs pain medicines, physical therapy or surgery. If your back pain is not severe, but it is something that plagues you occasionally, there are things that you can do to minimize it. Read this article to find out what you can do.

Good posture is essential for a good, strong back. When your body is well-balanced from head to toe, your back can support all your upper body weight effectively without strain. If you are not in balance, such as when you are slouching, your backbone has to work extra hard to support the upper parts of your body that are out of alignment with your back. Whether you are sitting or standing, try to maintain balance by having both of your feet on the ground, keeping your shoulders back and straightening out your backbone.

The shoes that you wear affect your posture. Especially for women, high-heel shoes force the body out of alignment as the body tries to balance itself on the elevated heels. This results in a tired and achy back after a prolonged period of standing and walking in those types of shoes. Therefore, it is important that your shoes give your body the right kind of support.

A lot of back pain and injuries come from improper lifting, especially when lifting heavy items. Never lift a heavy item by bending down from the waist. When you bend from the waist to lift, you are forcing your lower back to support your upper body weight as well as the weight of the lifted object. This causes straining of the back muscles, leading to pain. The lower bones of the vertebra cannot support such weight and can sometimes shift out of alignment, causing debilitating pain. The proper way to lift is by keeping your back straight and lowering yourself by bending your knees. When you pick up something heavy this way, your legs are doing the heavy work instead of your back.

If you feel back pain when you lie down on your at bedtime, you should sleep on your side, with your knees slightly bent. This position relieves pressure from your lower back which may be pinching a nerve, and eases any pain that you may feel. If you must lie on your back, bend your knees and support them with a pillow. This will flatten the back against your mattress and keep it from over-arching.

Sometimes getting a deep tissue massage on your back area can release the tightness and tension in your muscles, giving you pain relief. Consult with a massage therapist to find out what massage techniques are most beneficial for the type of back pain that you are feeling.

Keep your muscles toned and strong by getting enough exercise. Strong muscles give your back strong support, thus reducing the pain that your back feels.

Most of these suggestions can be done at any time on your own. Apply what you have learned here, and take control of your back pain management.

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