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Finding Relief From Lower Back Pain

Statistics show that 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain. The symptoms and causes may vary, but the debilitating effects are shared in common. Lower back pain causes lost working days and inability to take part in activities of daily life. For many people, lower back pain is temporary and goes away after a … Read more

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Dealing With Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain is a condition that many have suffered from. It is debilitating. After awhile, you may feel you would do just about anything to find relief. Pain medications bring a temporary easing. But there are steps you can take to bring long term relief through physical therapy exercises and through improving the … Read more

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Controlling Your Lower Back Pain

When we are in pain, it is our instinct to avoid moving. We may think the pain will just go away if we stay in bed. However, this tactic does not work for lower back pain. In fact, it can make the problem worse. Here are some tips on how to get up and get … Read more

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Low Back Pain Relief A Stretch or Two Away

Wouldn’t that be a relief? Literally, low back pain relief a stretch or two away? And it can be, but you do need to be pro-active to be able to get that relief when you do experience back problems. If the cause of your low back pain happens to be related to weight issues, it … Read more

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Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain is measured by the length of time that the pain persists. If it lasts longer than three months, then it is considered chronic. It is progressive and the cause is difficult to determine. A healthy back is strong and straight, moves easily and is free of any pain. When there is … Read more

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Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a sudden, persistent, sharp or dull pain felt below the waist. It is common and affects most people at some point in their life. Lower back pain is commonly caused by muscle strain from heavy physical lifting, work, or forceful movement, twisting or bending, awkward positions, or standing in one position … Read more

Stomach Pain

Lower Back Pain With Stomach Pain

Lower back pain with stomach pain is about one of the worst things you’d ever want to experience. And frankly, you’d rather not go there. Just what on earth causes lower back pain with stomach pain anyhow? One cause is related to menstrual cramping, but you would know how to sort out that kind of … Read more

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Causes of Lower Back Pain

The causes of lower back pain are a combination of muscle strain, overuse, and injury to the muscles, discs and ligaments that support the spine. Most experts believe that muscle strain can lead to an overall imbalance of the spine’s structure. This can lead to a constant tension on the muscles, bones, discs, and ligaments, … Read more

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Low Back Pain Affects Everyone

Low back pain does not discriminate. It affects everyone, at any age, for a variety of reasons. Low back pain affects people’s work, daily routine, and recreation. Americans spend about $50 billion or more each year on low back pain. It is the most common reason for job related disability and is the leading contributor … Read more

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Left Lower Back Pain

There are many reasons why people suffer left lower back pain. Exercising too much or repetitive lifting of heavy objects can lead to muscle strain in this area. Poor posture and obesity also adds strain to the left lower back. Wear and tear on the back as well as aging are more serious reasons for … Read more