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Living Well Despite Lower Back Pain

If you have been diagnosed with back pain and it is severe, you may be feeling very discouraged. But take heart. There are proven ways to lessen your back problems and increase your ability to engage in activities you enjoy. Your back problem most likely developed gradually over time. Exercises and stretching can reverse the process, gradually improving your back problem through bringing your back into alignment and ending the pressures that cause the pain. The following tips will let you know how to get started on a program to relieve your lower back pain.

Your doctor and a physical therapist can diagnose your problem and give you good advice, but the rest is up to you. Your back pain didn’t just happen without a cause. You need to look for the causes in your everyday life. Make sure all the chairs you sit in give your back good support. And remember to sit upright rather than slumping. Take a critical look at your mattress. Does it sink in the middle? Is it too soft to give good support? If so, and if your mattress is over five years old, you are wise to buy a new, firm mattress. The old one may have been keeping your back in an awkward, damaging position eight hours a night. If so, you probably did not sleep well, and even woke up with a back ache. A new mattress that gives your back firm support will let you get the restful sleep needed to relieve your back pain.

Being overweight places extra pressure on your back. One of the best things you can do to relieve your back pain is to lose any extra weight around your middle.

A physical therapist can help you with posture. Whether you are sitting at a desk or engaging in an activity, being aware of the need to keep an upright posture will prevent further stress on your back.

A physical therapist can guide you through exercises to relieve pressure on your back. But it is important to continue these at home after your sessions end. Keeping up a regular exercise and stretching program is a key to long term relief of lower back pain. It will also keep further damage to your back from developing. If you already have one slipped disc, you certainly don’t want any more!

A session with a licensed and capable chiropractor may bring relief from pain. Getting your back in alignment is a good thing. But the greatest benefit, in the long run, comes from correcting the causes that brought about your back pain. These can be addressed through the kind of measures mentioned above.

You want to be involved in family and community activities. Back pain does not need to exclude you from these. You will, of course, need to be careful not to do things that will further injure your back. But the measures suggested in this article can return much of the alignment and flexibility to your back, enabling you to do more and do it without pain.

We hope these tips have brought encouragement to you, and that you will follow through with measures that can lead to relief of back pain and greater enjoyment of life.

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