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Learning to Control Back Pain

There are many different reasons that people suffer from back pain. One thing is common- if not kept under control, back pain can quickly take over your life and stop you from enjoying your favorite activities. You may not be able to cure your back pain, but there are things you can do to lessen your suffering.

The first step is to make a journal tracking your activities and the symptoms. You need to know what is causing you pain. You should quickly start to see a correlation between certain activities and your pain. Try to limit these activities as much as possible, and when you can’t avoid them, remember that you will feel the consequences. You can also try to find ways to make these activities less painful. Bending and carrying are two of the most difficult activities for people with back pain, so be sure to be careful when you must do those two things.

An important step in protecting your back is going to be getting proper exercise. You may wish to spend some time with a therapist to learn proper exercises to strengthen your back. Once you learn what to do, be sure to keep up with your exercises. This is your best option for protecting your back. Be careful not to push yourself too hard, as you could injure yourself even more.

Take the time to do some research on your condition. Learning about possible treatments is one of the best uses of your time you could imagine in this situation. While your doctor is a great source of information, it is your back on the line and you shouldn’t trust your treatment 100 percent to them. Many doctors are also reluctant to suggest non-traditional treatments that may very well give you relief without the side effects that come with most prescription medications. You also need to be prepared if you need to take drastic steps to treat your condition. Having a support network in place that understands what might need to happen will be a relief if the time ever comes that you need help.

Remember that your situation is unique to you and that you need to explore many different treatment options until you find something that works for you. You will need to limit the use of prescription pain relievers as much as possible as they come with serious side effects, but don’t be afraid to use them if they are necessary either. The key is to find balance between keeping yourself free of addicting pain relievers and being able to live your life. Try and find other ways to relieve your pain such as massage or meditation to reduce your reliance on pills. Do not stop taking your meds without discussing it with your doctor, however. If you quit cold turkey you may actually experience increased pain as your body struggles to cope without the drugs.

While there are many causes of back pain, the treatment boils down to one simple thing: limiting your pain and the effect on your daily life. Your life may never be the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find joy in what you do.

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