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Introduction To Sciatic Pain

Sciatic pain means any type of pain that is caused by the contraction of sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body that runs from the back of the hip, through the buttocks, all the way down both legs and stops at the feet. The sciatic pain is normally experienced in the back and probably in the feet. In most cases, leg pain is more severe than rear pain. Here is an introduction to sciatic pain that can inform you about the causes, symptoms and treatments for this type of pain.

In fact, sciatic pain is a sign of the disease indicating that patient has pain down the leg due to contraction of sciatic nerve. For proper diagnosis of this disease, you should try to find out the exact causes of contraction of sciatic nerve. In most cases, sciatic pain is caused due to irritation of the herniated disc and S1 or L5 nerve present in the lower spine. This condition can cause spreading of the pain into back, rear of the calf and thigh. In some cases, it can reach down to the foot as well.

If you go through any medical magazine regarding the introduction to sciatic pain, you will come to know about some common signs of sciatic pain. Some common symptoms of sciatic pain are:

  • tingling
  • itchiness sense
  • burning or deadness

The sciatic pain can also be experienced if sciatic nerve is compressed automatically, due to spinal stenosis, arthritis in the back or spondylolisthesis. Although most cases are caused by a simple pain to the nerve, some signs of the sciatic pain can indicate a possibility of severe damage to the sciatic nerve.

Numbness or weakness can indicate a damage to the nerve. In that situation, you should consult the orthopedist to decide appropriate treatment plan. After physical examination of the patient and understanding severity of the symptoms, the orthopedist may suggest which treatment option is right for you. If you experience severe pain and weakness in the legs continuously or your body is unable to manage the bladder or bowel, then you should opt for immediate medical treatment to relive this serious condition.

If you try to find out about the introduction to sciatic pain on various websites, you will come to know that the cause of sciatic pain is not clear in several cases. According to some orthopedists, it may arise due to a combination of bone strain, joint and muscle. However, most patients with sciatic pain can get relief within six weeks without any treatment. Use of painkillers, cold or heat packs or exercises is recommended to relive the sciatic pain.

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