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Identifying the Cause of Your Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common medical complaints, and the reason is that so many things can cause it. The first step towards resolving this painful condition is figuring out where it began. Here are a few of the most common sources of back pain.

#1: Doing too much. Sometimes your back hurts simply from overuse. Nearly everyone has lifted, carried, stooped, squatted and bent too much one day and suffered from a stiff and aching back the next day. It should be simple for you to determine if this is the cause of your back pain. Just review what you have done the last 24-48 hours and see if you may have been overdoing it.

#2: Hurting yourself. It is possible that when you were overdoing it, you actually injured your back. This is especially common if you tried to lift too much. You can also injure your back by falling, having a car accident, twisting and throwing something and in many other ways. Try to figure out if you may have accidentally injured your back recently.

#3: Having a nerve pinched. Sometimes when your back becomes inflamed, a nerve is pinched and causes intense pain. There are few things as painful as a pinched nerve, and this pain will last longer than the typical back pain that results from muscle strain. One sign that you may have a pinched nerve can be that the pain radiates from your lower back, across your hip and down your leg.

#4: Not using good posture. This type of back pain is similar to the pain from overuse. If you are constantly holding yourself in a position of poor posture, the strain on your back muscles can finally lead to fatigue and pain. If you are beginning to suffer bouts of back pain after long days sitting at your desk, check to see if you are sitting up straight with your shoulders back to reduce the strain on your back muscles.

#5: Bending carelessly. You should never, ever bend at your waist whether you already have back pain or not. Bending your knees and then reaching out to pick something up is always the safest way to retrieve something from the ground. If your back suddenly starts to hurt after bending forward, try to remember if you bent your knees or bent from the waist.

#6: Gaining weight. When your belly muscles get weaker and your stomach gets bigger, it juts forward and pulls on your lower back. Chronic lower back pain after recent weight gain could very well mean that your weight is to blame for your aching back.

#7: Developing a medical condition. Sometimes back pain is a signal that you have developed a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated. It is possible that you have degenerative disc disease, and your nerves in your spine are getting pinched. There are many other more rare and serious conditions that can cause back pain too. If none of the other causes mentioned in this article seem to fit, your doctor should definitely do a thorough exam to rule out these other medical conditions.

That is an overview of several of the more common causes of back pain. There could be other reasons that your back is acting up, too. It is important that you determine what is causing your back pain so that it can be treated properly. Chronic back pain can be severely detrimental to your daily life, so you need to get it under control and get some relief. Use the information in this article to begin your journey toward a pain-free back.

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