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Tips to Help You Relieve Your Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that most people will experience at some point in their lives. But despite being so common, it can still affect job performance, family life, and day-to-day happiness. Thankfully, there are steps that anyone can take to reduce the impact on their life and lower their chances of pain reoccurring. The following article may be able to help you reduce back pain and stop it from happening again.

1. Good posture while both sitting and standing is vital to maintaining a healthy back. Keeping your back straight, shoulders back, and even weight distribution are key factors to good posture. When lifting, it is also necessary to use the proper lifting position to avoid damaging the back. Make sure you’re maintaining proper posture when sitting and standing, and record when you’re experiencing back pain at work or home to find out the cause.

2. If you are experiencing this problem, stretching can help alleviate some of the pain. Stretch first thing in the morning to loosen your muscles for the day or before doing any heavy lifting or other exercise. Stand up to stretch and take a short walk a few times during the workday. Back pain can be caused by tension in the muscles, which is a common side-effect of sitting for long periods of time, especially at a computer. Light exercise at various intervals throughout the day will help relieve the tension in your back muscles.

3. Taking a hot shower or bath can do wonders for back pain. The heat will relax and loosen the muscles. A hot water bottle, electric blanket, patches, or creams can be effective. A massage from a friend or a registered massage therapist may provide temporary relief. Add Epsom salts to the hot water to make it even more effective.

4. Another helpful option is an NSAID, or anon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which is more commonly known as ibuprofen. This can be beneficial in reducing inflammation of the muscles. It is also available as a cream. Follow the directions on the label to get the most out of this option. If it does not, see your doctor for more options.

4. If all else fails, or your pain is severe, see your doctor or chiropractor as soon as possible. They can help find the cause of the pain, and take appropriate measures to eliminate it. The most common cause is muscle strain, which can occur from anything to lifting a heavy object, sitting with improper posture, or even just stress. However, it can also be caused by more serious ailments, including arthritis, herniated disks, or damage to the vertebra. See your doctor immediately if your back pain persists, is severe, or you experience incontinence or other unusual side effects.

Back pain can be anything from debilitating to a minor annoyance, but it can be prevented. Following the simple tips in this article can help soothe your back pain and prevent it from returning.

Good luck treating your aching back.

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