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Facts About Sciatic Pain

Sciatica pain is a condition that, simply put, does not allow you to perform daily activities. In a nutshell, patients suffering from sciatic pain find it difficult to walk. So it is important for you to manage sciatic pain before it aggravates further.

Knowing about the facts of sciatic pain can give a clear idea about what to expect in this condition. You tend to experience sciatic pain when undue pressure is placed on the sciatic nerve by piriformis muscle. Muscle imbalances pull pelvis and hip joints out of place which tightens and shortens the piriformis muscle. This change of position can impart pressure on your sciatic nerve.

When a muscle in any body part overpowers its opposing muscles, then it can lead to muscle imbalance due to which your bones and joints experience constant stress. One more fact about sciatica pain is that no amount of electric stimulation, cortisone injections, medications, chiropractic adjustments or general exercises can correct the muscle imbalances that are responsible for creating sciatic pain.

Facts of sciatic pain can help you to decide a proper treatment plan for the sciatic pain:

  • There are number of pain relief products available in the market for sciatic pain.
  • If you want immediate relief from sciatic pain, then application of ice on the infected area is suggested.
  • Application of ice can lessen the swelling and reduce the inflammation.

However, it can give you a temporary relief. Therefore, it is better to consult the doctor as early s possible. Some oral medications are prescribed by the doctor that can help to ease the pain and offer more comfort.

Depending on the severity of inflammation, the doctor may first try to reduce your swelling and then may go for invasive surgery to remove the pressure that is on sciatic nerve. It is very important for you that you should follow the doctor’s instructions. The doctor may advice you to avoid any kind of strenuous physical activity that can cause the back pain, for a stipulated time period. If you neglect your sciatic pain and do not seek immediate medical advice, then it will indeed be very difficult for you to recover from this condition.

Having a clear idea about the facts of sciatic pain can definitely assist you in identifying the causes of your sciatic pain:

  • Back problems are sometimes responsible for giving rise to a condition which is commonly referred as sciatica.
  • Due to bulging or herniated disc, sciatic nerve get compressed which ultimately leads to sciatic pain.
  • Narrowing of spinal canal can also cause pressure on your sciatica nerve; this condition is called spinal stenosis.
  • With age, your body ligaments can thicken and spur can develop on the bones.
  • Thus as you grow, chances of you suffering from sciatica pain increase.

You can also do some specific exercises that are specially designed for sciatica pain. These exercises will surely give you some respite from sciatic pain.

There are various books written on sciatic pain which can provide valuable information about sciatic pain. You can use these books to know more about the facts of sciatic pain.

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