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Exercises For Sciatic Pain

Sciatic pain is a condition that is caused by irritation or compression of one or more nerves that exist in your lower spine. This pain moves down your leg and is accompanied by weakness, numbness or tingling. It typically causes pain in the lower back, which renders the affected person unable to perform normal activities. Sciatic pain needs prompt medical attention to avoid any further complications. If you want a relief from sciatic pain, then you should opt for some exercises for sciatic pain.

Exercises for sciatic pain can definitely provide you some relief from the pain. Sciatica exercises are extremely useful as they can help to strengthen the back muscles. Appropriate types of back exercises can be helpful in managing sciatic pain. These exercises may play a significant role in keeping your back strong and healthy.

Some say that bed rest is a better way to treat sciatic pain. This is not completely true as resting can give only a temporary relief. After some days, pain may aggravate because of your inactive state. The back muscles may start to lose their strength and you may find it difficult to support your back. Idleness can only worsen your leg and back pain.

Doing restricted movement can weaken your back and may lead to chronic back pain. Carrying out proper exercises is very important for your spine as it keeps the discs healthy. These exercises make sure that the discs that are within the spine get the fluids and nutrients that will help them to stay healthy and fit.

  • Stretching exercises are more commonly recommended for treating the sciatic pain. Stretching exercises can help make the tight back muscles more flexible.
  • Hamstring stretching exercises is another effective treatment for sciatic pain. Hamstrings are the muscles that are situated in the back of your thigh. These muscles help to bend the knee properly.

You can also consult an exercise expert to know more about exercises for sciatic pain. These exercises are much better than your bed rest.

Exercises for sciatic pain play a key role in speeding up your recovery process. These exercises allow you to continue your normal routine without bothering much about sciatic pain. People suffering from back pain include piriformis stretch, crocodile twist and passive back arch.

Piriformis stretch involves sitting on the chair and placing your left ankle on your right leg that is above the knee:

  • You then have to lean forward.
  • Remain in this position for thirty seconds
  • Repeat the same procedure on other side.

This form of stretching can reduce your back pain. Before starting any exercise for sciatic pain, a correct diagnosis of sciatic pain is very essential. If you are feeling uncomfortable while doing the exercises, then immediately stop the exercise

You can also seek the help of physiotherapist if you are not sure about the exercises that you should perform. It is necessary to warm up your body before you begin your exercise. Thus, the exercises for sciatic pain can be a good option to keep your sciatic pain in control.

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