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Decompression Therapy To Eliminate Back Pain

Decompression Therapy

Decompression therapy can be one of the greatest blessings ever devised for the sufferer from back pain. This spinal treatment can overcome the likely need for invasive surgery, with all the risks which are attached to this type of treatment. Many back conditions which have been caused by continuous bad posture over many years can be cured in time by the gradual coaxing of the spine and discs into position. Gentle stretching is the most fundamental antidote possible to a severely curved spine, and discs which have not ruptured can be decompressed back into position.

A good clinic will have decompression at the forefront of the possible treatments which are offered, but it can only be applied to situations where the diagnosis suggests such a treatment is appropriate in this given case. The most severe conditions will not be treatable using this method, as the disc will have ruptured and fluid will have spilled out into the joints. When this has happened, there will need to be surgery of some type to remove this excess fluid. This need not be fully invasive surgery under a general anesthetic, but it often is.

The diagnostic phase of dealing with back pain is by far the most important, as the success of everything which comes after is dependent upon this being right. There is no reason why any diagnosis in the modern age should not be accurate and effective, as modern clinics have access to technology which can produce an accurate print of the area which needs to be treated. If the diagnosis is right, there is every reason for trying decompression treatment before resorting to surgery.

The key to making decompression effective is to isolate the exact area where the problem occurs, and where manipulation needs to be applied to achieve the wished effect. The gentle coaxing of the spine into a better posture is something which needs to start slowly, and then build up as the body softens and becomes amenable to the treatment. Once the initial breakthrough has been made, the following treatments should run relatively smoothly. If the troubled area is worked evenly, with the right attention given to the fragile disc areas, there is no reason why a complete recovery cannot be achieved.

One of the keys to making decompression therapy work is to allow the body sufficient rest after each bout of treatment. In the early stages, the body should be lying horizontal, or even with the feet slightly above the level of the head, for twice as long as the treatment is taking. This makes sure that there is no build up of stress which could cause a secondary problem which would be worse than the first. As the treatment progresses, you should need progressively less rest for each bout of decompression therapy.

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