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Dealing With Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain is a condition that many have suffered from. It is debilitating. After awhile, you may feel you would do just about anything to find relief. Pain medications bring a temporary easing. But there are steps you can take to bring long term relief through physical therapy exercises and through improving the way you treat your back in daily life. Easing the stress and strain on your back really can lead to relief.

You can develop a program together with your doctor to accomplish this. Your doctor can use and MRI or x-rays to determine whether there is damage to your spine. Stress and age can result in “slipped” or herniated discs. The spine is made up of 30 bony vertebrae. In between these vertebrae, there are cartilage discs to protect them, absorbing shock and pressure. But these discs may deteriorate over the years. If stress causes one of these discs to slip out of place, serious pain can result. Short of surgery, however, there are measures to help restore a healthy back. Physical therapy exercises can strengthen the muscles that support the back, easing strain on these discs. Strong abdominal and pelvic muscles will help keep your spine upright and supported. This will prevent further damage to the cartilage discs. Stretching exercises bring suppleness and flexibility to the spine, avoiding strain from activities in the future. Once you have developed chronic back pain, ways to prevent further damage become paramount. You will want to make sure your are not using a chair or a mattress that strains your back. An ergonomic chair will give support to the small your back and an upright posture. If your chair lacks this, you can use a small pillow or rolled up towel to produce the same support. A firm mattress will keep your spine from sagging during sleep. A night’s sleep on a soft mattress, with your spine unsupported, may cause further damage rather than restorative sleep.

A high impact exercise such as running or jogging, is not advised for the person with back pain. Rather, a good brisk walk is the best help for your back. Keep an upright posture and abdominal muscles tightened as you walk, and you can bring relief to your aching back. Also, very helpful are exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles in both directions. Muscles that move your from side to side and forward and backward need to be balanced.
It may be hard, when you have lower back pain, to force yourself to exercise. But experts agree that it is essential to bring long term recovery.

You may need to use pain medications at times to bring relief. But this is only a temporary solution. It masks the pain but does not take away the cause. Long term relief depends on working with the causes of the pain.

Lower back pain is an individual thing. But these tips can help you find the causes of your own condition and steps you can take to find relief. Don’t give up! There are measures that can bring relief from debilitating lower back pain.

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