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Dealing With Back Pain Effectively

Perhaps you have developed chronic lower back pain. You have consulted your doctor and he has given you a program to help bring relief. He has warned you that if you do not take effective measures against the causes of your pain, it will only get worse, and may be with you for the rest of your life. Back pain is not something to be ignored. If its causes are not relieved and counter measures are not taken to restore your back to health, the continued pressures on your spine will bring about more deterioration, and more pain. But take heart. You can identify and eliminate the causes of your back pain, and you can take effective measures to make your back stronger and properly aligned.

A soft mattress that causes the spine to sag and bend will not only keep you from getting restful sleep. It will cause damage to your back, resulting in pain. A good firm mattress is recommended. A mattress should give firm support that keeps your back straight. You may need to place a small pillow under the small your back for added support. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees. These simple measures can really help your back.

A physical therapist can help you become aware of your posture and how it may be causing your back pain. The spine needs to be kept upright, whether you are sitting or standing. It is easy to start slumping if you sit in an office chair all day. Take measures to provide ergonomic support to your back at all times. If your start to slump, stop and remember that this will cause back pain. Straighten your back when you are walking, too. A good therapist can give you advice on how to correct your posture. This can go a long way toward eliminating back pain.

A chiropractor or an osteopath can manipulate your back into its proper alignment. But you don’t want to become dependent on this, with a cycle of repeated mis-alignments developing and then having to be corrected. It is much better to learn how to keep your back from becoming bent out of shape.

Whether at work or at home, become aware when stress is being placed on your back. Notice how you feel after sitting in a particular chair for awhile. If you are given a chair at work that doesn’t quite fit you, you can make adjustments to it. If necessary, you can place a rolled up towel behind the small your back to give support. At home, you may want to invest in an ergonomic chair that will protect you from back pain.

Stresses from physical labor can cause deterioration in your spinal column. If you cannot adjust your job situation to avoid this, you should find a different job. Once damage is done, such as a slipped disc, it is vital to avoid further injury. You will need to avoid placing undue pressure on your back. Heavy lifting, repeated bending and stooping, and twisting your back should absolutely be avoided.

These are just a few tips to get you thinking about ways to reduce or eliminate your lower back pain. Follow them and you can find the causes of your back pain, then take measures to prevent it in the future.

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