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Curtail Back Pain When At Your Computer

The world needs more and more of your hours to be spent seated at a desk in front of your monitor. You might even do it willingly, working on photos, watching online videos, playing games and staying connected through social media. However, these hours are not doing much good for your back pain. Your body was not designed for this, but there are counteractive steps you can perform to cut down on what you are doing to your back.

Posture is critical. You probably know not to slouch when you stand, but do you do it when you sit? Yoga and meditation are great habits to pick up here, because you train your body to sit with a straight spine, not needing back support. This habit can quickly translate into sitting up tall in chairs without dumping into them.

Even with good posture, having the right chair is a great investment. Try out as many chairs as you can at a furniture store. When you find the right one, buy it immediately. It can last you ten years or more at your desk. Try not to let others sit in it so that you can perfect the setting on it.

Think ergonomically when it comes to the hardware on your desk. You want a monitor big enough to read easily, but also placed at the proper height off the floor to match your eye level, but also far enough back that it is in focus. Get an ergonomic keyboard and mouse that your fingers can memorize without you having to look at, and place them about the level of your elbows.

Find stretches you can do right at your desk. This is rather easy, because if you do not know any, you can search online photo and video sites and just follow your screen. Focus on keeping your shoulders loose and open. When they start tightening, you start slouching, and this eventually throws your low back out of alignment.

Make sure that you stand up and take breaks frequently. Even short stints standing up loosen up your body and gets some blood flowing.

Consider alternatives to traditional desks and seating. You might actually be able to just sit on the floor and put a laptop on a coffee table. Some desks are taller so that you can stand at them. There are also kneeling chairs available from some retailers. There are even exercise balls that serve as chairs. Pregnant women in their last trimester are known to try these in office environments and then never go back to regular office furniture.

Do not panic if back pain starts setting in or getting worse. It might be temporary, and a good walk around the block or a warm bath might be all you need to deal with it.

Spending a long time sitting in front of your screen does not have to equate to back pain. With frequent breaks, the right stretching, proper furniture arrangement and the mindful application of all the tips in this article, you can keep a healthy spine while doing your business online.

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