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How To Choose Proper Shoes To Relieve Back Pain

Many of today’s popular fashions contribute to back pain. Have you ever seen how young women struggle to keep a straight back when walking in heels? Don’t make the same mistake that many people make at a young age. This article will discuss how to find shoes that will help you keep a good posture and to avoid back pain.

Many shoes are perfectly appropriate to help your back pain. The most important aspect of choosing any shoes is the fit. Never buy shoes that are one size or half a size too big. Always try on your shoes and make sure they fit width and length wise. Walk around the shoe store wearing the shoes to make sure they provide proper fit.

The hardest part about shoe shopping is finding a shoe that looks good, but still offers arch support. Shoes that have no arch support generally are the cause of back pain. Your feet have arches that need to be kept in shape and the only way to do that is to choose shoes that have arch support. Select a shoe that has arch support which lands directly where your foot’s arch is. High heels should be avoided at all costs as they cause the wearer to have a sway back. This will put more pressure on your lower back, eventually contributing to back pain and scoliosis in some cases.

Consider how much you roll your feet when you walk. Do you roll them inward too much or too little? If your feet don’t roll inwardly enough, your shoes are not working properly to absorb the shock of each step. This will often contribute to back pain. If you aren’t getting enough rolling motions when you walk, buy shoes that are flexible with extra cushioning to fix this.

If your feet roll too much, also referred to as overpronation, choose shoes that are much more rigid and supportive. Orthotic shoes are the best option for people who experience too much rolling. These types of shoes are able to properly stabilize feet, absorb shock and support the arch as well as heels.

When shopping for shoes that help relieve back pain, always go to a professional shoe store. The employees should be able to help match your foot and back needs with the perfect pair of shoes. Avoid going to trendy shops as the shoes sold there are not ideal for people who suffer from back pain. It must be noted that often shoes that provide good support are rarely attractive or trendy looking. Never sacrifice your overall back health for the sake of looking good. You will pay later in life when you have trouble getting through the day without pain.

If you don’t find any shoes that offer good arch support, consider purchasing Dr. Scholl’s arch support insoles. They can be matched to your foot’s arch type and they can be inserted into virtually any of your favorite shoes. This is a good investment and can work with some of the shoes that you already own.

As you can see, there is more to choosing the right shoes than meets the eye. If you suffer from periodic back pain, it is imperative you choose a supportive pair of shoes. Use what you have learned today to grab a pair of shoes that work for you!

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