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Basics About Sciatic Pain

We may face several physical disorders in our lifetime and one of the most annoying of them may be the sciatic pain. Sciatic pain is an unbearable excruciating pain in the back. Knowing some basics about sciatic pain can help you to effectively manage the sciatic pain. Moderate physical exercise can also be useful to prevent sciatic pain which is experienced in the lower spine. You may also experience burning sensation in your leg. Sciatic pain is commonly observed in the people with lower back problem and in pregnant women. It is observed that obese people are at greater risk for sciatic pain than slim people.

Some basics about sciatic pain may give a clear idea about the symptoms of sciatic pain. There are different aspects of sciatic pain. If you are suspected to suffer from the sciatic pain, then you need to consult the spine specialist, who can properly guide you to deal with this problem. For correct diagnosis, it is necessary to find out the exact causes of this problem. Once proper diagnosis is done, the treatment option is decided that suits to you. You may seek some remedies that can help you to reduce the symptoms and discomfort and recover from sciatic pain.

Understanding some basics about sciatic pain can make you aware about various treatment options available. There are certain things that you should avoid to manage the pain.

  • If you are having sciatic pain, you should avoid exercises that can put pressure on your lower back.
  • Exercises such as sit-ups, leg curls and leg lifts that are done in face down position should be avoided.
  • Do not even think of jogging which can aggravate your pain. You can join an aerobic exercise program.
  • Activities like weight lifting, ballet, golf, and football need sudden twisting movements, hence they should not be practiced.
  • Patients with acute sciatica pain should not force themselves to do exercises.

Swimming and stationary biking can be helpful in reducing your pain. Physical therapy is a very effective therapy that can give you relief from the sciatic pain. It is recommended that physical therapy should be taken under the expert guidance of a trained professional for better results. Medications like anti-inflammatory drugs are suggested for treating the sciatic pain. Yoga is considered as one of the best treatments for the patients with sciatic pain. It has been proved that yoga exercises can play a major role in preventing sciatic pain. You can join a basic yoga program to learn these exercises.

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