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Lower Back Pain

Hitting New Lows with Lower Back Pain

Determining the exact cause of lower back pain can be difficult, but not impossible. There are many sources of pain in the back, and understanding the structure of the spine, muscle and ligament system is the first step. The next step, of course, is determining a course of therapy that will relieve the pain. It … Read more

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Doing an About Face with Low Back Pain

Almost everyone experiences low back pain at some time in their life, and usually it’s more than once. Pain in the lower back can happen to anyone at any age for a variety of reasons. Bulging disc Herniated disc Osteoporosis Arthritis Degenerative disc disease Pinched nerve There are other causes for low back pain too, … Read more

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The Lipitor Back Pain Mystery

People who must deal with ongoing back pain are always looking for causes. Back pain can be so elusive that even doctors are unable to identify the specific problem. You can be subjected to many medical tests and still not get definitive answers. All you know is your back hurts either all the time or … Read more

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Healing Back Pain Using Ancient Wisdom

Healing back pain using ancient wisdom means using alternative approaches to pain control. Modern medicine has always concentrated until recently on just the physical aspects of pain. But now doctors are learning that pain is controlled by the mind and emotions often as much as the physical body. Alternative medicine and practices have known this … Read more

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Clomid and Back Pain – Front to Back

Clomid and back pain are not directly related according to the list of side effects. But there are other side effects of Clomid that can lead to back pain, so it really depends on how you want to view the situation. Clomid is a drug taken by women who do not ovulate properly but want … Read more

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Chronic Back Pain – No End in Sight

Chronic back pain is pain that generally lasts longer than 3 months. Like any long lasting pain, it can interfere with normal daily functioning and create emotional and psychological, as well as, physical problems. There can be a fine line distinction between recurring and chronic pain, when the incidences of pain come close together over … Read more

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Back Pain Relief – Give Me a Break!

Going on a hunt for back pain relief becomes a critical mission for someone looking for a break from the pain. A lot of back pain issues can actually be handled at home with easy treatments you can learn to do yourself. For example, simple muscle sprains normally don’t need a doctor and can be … Read more

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Back Pain Muscle Spasms – Finding the Culprits

You have long muscles that run along the spine called the erector spinae muscles. These are often the guilty muscles when you have back pain and muscle spasms. A spasm is an involuntary contraction of the muscle for a sustained period of time. Usually a spasm occurs when the muscle has been suddenly stressed somehow … Read more

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Taking it Upside Down with a Back Pain Inversion Table

So many people experience back pain in their life. There are many forms of therapies that have been developed to relieve pain, ease muscle tension and improve the spine. A back pain inversion table is just one of the treatments people use to find temporary relief. Inversion therapy falls under the heading of traction therapy, … Read more