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What Happens When Back Surgery Is The Only Option

Back surgery is something which no-one wants to endure, but if other forms of treatment have failed it is really the only sensible option. While it may temporarily lead to discomfort and even fear, it can greatly improve your quality of life in the long term. There are many different types of surgery which a back pain sufferer can undergo, depending on the exact nature of the condition. Surgery is only used as a last resort, after other forms of treatment have been tried, and found to be wanting.

There are many different conditions which can result in a need for back surgeries. Some of these are degenerative conditions where the spine or discs in the back deteriorate over time. They can come loose or be dislodged, or the gap between the discs can reduce over time. The problem with these conditions is knowing when to carry out the surgery, as you want to give manipulative treatments every chance to work before you resort to surgery. These degenerative conditions can give you constant pain, so surgery becomes sensible when all other options have been exhausted.

There are also back problems which are caused by incidents such as accidents in the home or on the road. Any force which impacts the body can lead to pressure being applied to the spine, sometimes constantly. This pain can obviously be severe right from the start, so the quick application of painkillers is usually necessary to give time for thought and time for preparation. When the initial pain has subsided, it is better to try manipulative treatments before you resort to surgery. Only in extreme circumstances will this not be possible.

If it is finally decided that you need lumbar surgery, you will need to have a consultation with a specialist to decide how the surgery can best be carried out. Many of the procedures for dealing with back issues are complicated, and will involve a lot of care after the operation has been carried out. The recovery time will depend to a large extent on the type of anesthetic which is used, and the physical condition of the patient when the surgery takes place.

There is always the chance that back surgery can affect other parts of the body, especially where there is a need to drain fluid from the body. This can even result in the need for further surgery, to remove a tube which will have been inserted into the body to allow that to happen. This secondary surgery can put further pressure on the body, so an extended recovery time is going to be needed. If you are intending to return to work following such a major procedure, you will probably need a further period of physiotherapy following your extended back surgery.

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