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What To Do About Back Pain When You Are Pregnant

What To Do About Back Pain When You Are Pregnant

Back pain can be caused by a number of things, not the least of which is pregnancy. Back pain is a common condition amongst pregnant women, and as many as seven in ten pregnant women experience it. While it’s lovely to know you are not alone, it would be even better to know what to do about back pain during pregnancy. Read on for some great ideas.

Back pain during pregnancy is generally caused by disproportionate weight gain in the stomach. Gaining as much as thirty-five pounds in only nine months tends to put a great deal of stress on a woman’s spine, back, pelvis, blood vessels and nerves. It goes without saying that it is helpful to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy both for the health of the mother and that of the happy arrival.

While most women experience some back pain during pregnancy, those who had back problems to begin with or who have a family history of back problems will tend to suffer more. Of course, most pregnant women should avoid excessively harsh exercise and arduous physical labor. If you know that you are predisposed to back problems, that is even more the case. Take it easy during pregnancy and engage only in light to moderate exercise as directed by your obstetrician. If your back pain is severe, your obstetrician may also direct you to a specialist for physical therapy, chiropractic care and even alternative treatment, such as acupuncture or acupressure.

It’s a good idea to begin a light to moderate exercise program before conceiving. In this way, you will be in optimum shape for pregnancy and will be very likely to avoid a number of problems, including back pain. If you did begin exercising before pregnancy and experienced no problems, you can generally feel safe to continue exercising. If you did not, you may still begin light exercise during pregnancy to improve your overall condition and help avoid back pain. Consult your doctor about the type and extent of exercise that is right for you.

Remember to stand and sit straight and tall when you are pregnant. This will help keep your back in alignment as well as keep your back and stomach muscles strong. When you sleep at night, you will get the most complete rest by sleeping on your side and placing a cushion between your knees to avoid bone bruising. This position will help stretch your lower back and give those muscles well-deserved rest.

Common sense will tell you that you should not wear high heeled shoes during pregnancy (or really at any other time). High heels thrust the abdomen forward and cause swayback. This can only cause discomfort. Additionally, during pregnancy, your center of balance will have shifted. You will be very prone to loss of balance, and high heeled shoes will not help this situation at all. Wear attractive, well-fitted, supportive, safe shoes during pregnancy. You are very likely to find they come in handy as a mom.

While a certain amount of back pain during pregnancy is to be expected, you must be sure to contact your doctor right away if the pain is severe or if you experience ongoing pain in the lower back accompanied by contractions. This could be early labor, and of course, you must seek the help of your doctor right away.

Back pain may plague you throughout your pregnancy; however, you’ll be happy to know that it will disappear when the baby comes. Follow the tips presented in this article to lessen your experience of back pain during pregnancy, and have a more comfortable and memorable nine months.

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