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Back Pain Relief: Tips For Pain Relief At The Office

Back Pain Relief: Tips For Pain Relief At The Office

When you spend your days working in an office environment, it can be hard to keep good posture or eliminate back pain. Back pain affects many people who work in an office and many can vouch that it truly hinders their ability to work. This article will discuss some simple steps you can take to relieve back pain while working in an office.

Purchase a good chair for your desk. The chair you are using for your office work should have good lumbar support. It should also be adjustable so you can adjust the height when you need to. Some chairs come with a supportive lumbar pillow that can also help with back pain relief. Make sure you try out several chairs before settling for the right one. Much like testing a mattress, it is important that you choose a chair that offers good support and this may not necessarily be the cheapest one.

Your computer should be positioned to eliminate stress on your arms and back. Your computer monitor should be aligned with your line of vision. Your keyboard and mouse should be in line with your hands, which usually hits below desk level. Many proper desks come with a keyboard tray to store your keyboard and mouse. If you have a laptop, you can still use this tray to align your hands and to prevent your shoulders from hunching.

Don’t twist your body and your head around to be able to talk on the phone. Re-position your phone to be directly in front of you or use a headset to answer your phone calls in the office. If you have a private office, consider using the speaker phone button to eliminate back pain. The more you twist and turn, the higher your chances of curving your spine and making your back pain worse.

Always get some exercise and stand up occasionally. It is imperative that you get up from your chair every hour or so and walk around in your office. Do a few simple stretches and make sure your muscles don’t get sore from sitting too long. It is definitely important that you also get exercise outside of work. Take a one hour walk each day after work. If you don’t have the time allowance to do so, park far from your office entrance and walk across the parking lot. This helps keep you in shape.

Keep some painkillers such as acetaminophen on hand if your back pain is too much to bear. It is available over-the-counter and it helps act as quick pain relief. NSAIDs are another option for you to consider. Don’t take any of these unless you are in a lot of pain. Too much exposure to either painkiller can contribute to liver and kidney failure if taken in high doses.

There are plenty of ways that you can relieve back pain while you’re at work at the office. Hopefully, this article has helped you discover some new ways to find back pain relief. Use what you have learned today and you won’t have to miss another day of work!

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