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The Truth behind Electric Waves for Back Pain Relief

For back pain, there is a therapy called TENS otherwise known as transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation. In this treatment, electric currents are passed through patches placed on the skin. These electric currents are low voltage. Electric waves for back pain relief are used by some people, but there is a definite need for more research. As the research remains right now, there is very little evidence that electric waves for back pain relief have any use for acute or chronic back pain. In fact in some studies, it has been shown that transcutaneous nerve stimulation was not any more effective than the placebo in the study. Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation is most often used with labour and pregnancy pain. When the electrodes are placed on the skin, there is a cream that is often used to increase the conductivity. Despite its lack of evidence, it is said to date back to ancient Greece. However, the device was obviously not the same. Another unexpected use for transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation is also used in the BDSM communities for sexual stimulation. Perhaps the knowledge of this use will detour some people from using this method for back pain relief. More trivia about electric waves for back pain relief is that Benjamin Franklin endorsed and used this as a pain relief method.

Back pain is something that can vary from mild to severe, can be acute or chronic and can massively affect someone’s day to day life and their ability to perform some tasks. The desperation to find a treatment that works well can lead some people to do things that are dangerous, costly, and not overly useful. It is essential to do as much research as possible to make sure that no false therapies are being offered. The consumer or patient must be the director of their own medical care in a sense that they are responsible for the knowledge obtained before venturing into this pain relief method. All being said and done, there are a couple things to be said about electric waves for back pain relief. First, there has not been any statistically significant research to prove that this is a trusted method of pain relief. However, the people who endorse it and use it as a method of pain relief must receive some benefit. Second, electric waves for back pain relief have been around for quite some time. Lastly, there are several interesting facts about the history of using electric waves for pain relief, which makes it good information for trivia, but not necessarily for actual pain relief.

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