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Back Pain: The Different Types Of Medications

In some instances, back pain gets to be so bad that you really run out of options. Medicating your pain is one of the most effective ways to relieve the pain, but it should be left as a last resort. This article will discuss the options you have in terms of different types of medications.

Acetaminophen is probably the least harmful drug out there to act as a painkiller. It can be found under the name of acetaminophen or the more commonly known brand name of Tylenol. This is a painkiller that’s over the counter and has the least side effects. The only effect is liver toxicity if taken in 4,000 milligram doses daily.

Muscle-relaxing medications also provide another option. It is imperative that you exercise caution when taking these, as they can be addicting. Make sure you have a family doctor who can help supervise your intake. Muscle-relaxers target your individual muscles and avoid putting strain on your central nervous system. You can find muscle-relaxers under the names of Vanadom, Soma and Flexeril.

Anesthetics help block the affected nerves of your spine. This particular medication is found in over-the-counter creams. Lidocaine and Novocaine are both anesthetics that you may use for relief.

Steroids are another option, although a bit more serious than any of the other medications. These medications are anti-inflammatory and help treat back pain caused by an inflammation. However, it is important to note that if you take steroids for more than two weeks, side effects and complications can occur. Common side effects include infection, swelling, weight gain and even osteoporosis, as well as increased blood sugar in diabetics.

Narcotic painkillers are usually one of the last resort options for those suffering from severe back pain. These types of painkillers are found under the name of Oxycodone, Morphine and Hydrocodone. What makes these narcotic painkillers so dangerous are not only the side effects, but that they are habit-forming. Some people may experience allergic reactions, constipation, confusion, nausea, sedation and urinary retention after use.

NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are also available for over-the-counter relief. They are successful in treating bone and muscle aches that are common in many back pain sufferers. What makes this a great option is the fact they don’t need a prescription from the doctor, and they work to effectively reduce your back pain. You can find NSAIDs in the form of Aspirin, Alleve, Advil and Motrin. It is crucial to note that some serious side effects may occur, such as kidney failure and stomach ulceration.

When you look at different medications for back treatment, it is important to note the side effects that some medications can cause. In some cases, the side effects are more severe than the back pain you’re suffering from. Always talk to your doctor before choosing any particular form of medication for more permanent relief.

Back pain can seriously hinder your ability to function as a human being. There are so many reasons why back pain can be worse one minute and better the next. This article has discussed your many options in terms of taking medication for your back pain.

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