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Why Back And Neck Pain Can Often Be Treated In Unison

Back And Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can often occur together, and there are many cases where the initial cause for both is the same. Treatments which work to lessen one can also lessen the other as a side effect, although a comprehensive treatment plan should have specific exercises for each. As with so many other medical problems, the battle is half won if a correct diagnosis can be made, with an exact pinpointing of the areas which need to be treated. Diagnostic tools and procedures are now more effective than ever before.

There are many different causes of both neck and back pain, and the symptoms can be annoyingly similar. The simplest cases are those where a patient has been lying awkwardly on their side, with the neck muscles stretched over a long period of time. This can easily lead to both neck and back pain together. The good news with this condition is that it is relatively easy to treat, and treatment should lessen both types of pain. Massage is a great healer for temporary neck pain, and it is often overlooked in the treatment of back pain.

While the majority of serious back pain occurs in the lumbar, or lower back, region, there is a potential for similar problems to occur towards the top of the spine. When this happens, the neck can suffer as a secondary consequence. In this circumstance, it should only be necessary to treat the back, as the neck pain should subside when the underlying back condition has been treated. In rare cases, the neck will develop a secondary condition as a result of trying to compensate for the initial pain, in which case there will need to be separate treatment for the neck.

Where there is a serious spinal problem at the top of the spine, surgery will often be needed. This is especially true when there is a contraction of the space between different parts of the spine. This surgery will need to be carried out under general anesthetic, so for a moment at least the problems of the neck become superfluous. If the neck pain persists after the surgery, a separate treatment will need to be worked out for the neck.

There are many cases of back and neck pain which can be treated simultaneously through spinal manipulation, and these cases have a high recovery rate. If the back pain is being caused by aggravation of a nerve because a bone is out of place or misaligned, the manipulative treatment which corrects the back condition could also eliminate the neck pain. Muscular massage may help ease the neck pain, and it will do no harm to the newly remodeled back. Massage is a surprisingly effective treatment for both back and neck pain.

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