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Tips To Avoid Back Pain Commonly Caused By Pregnancy

Along with complications and morning sickness, back pain is something many pregnant women suffer from and worry about. Back pain tends to happen in the lower back and can be caused by hormone changes, weight gain, redistribution of weight and other bodily changes associated with pregnancy. Continue reading this article for some great tips on preventing and reducing the amount of back pain you have to deal with during this exciting time.

Stand up straight and tall at all times. The added weight in the front of your body changes your center of gravity. Avoid compensating for the extra weight in front by slumping or hunching forward while you are sitting or standing. Make sure to sit and stand with your back and spine straight. This also might be hard to get used to, but avoiding unnecessary back pain and ruining your posture will be worth it.

Wear comfortable shoes at all times during pregnancy to avoid back pain. You want to wear supportive shoes that reduce the impact of your steps. If you feel you have to wear dress shoes to an occasion, do not wear high heels. Wearing comfortable, supportive shoes during your pregnancy not only helps prevent back pain, but it also helps prevent knee pain and wear also.

Ask for help with lifting heavy items while you are pregnant. It may be hard for some people to ask for help, but you are already carrying enough extra weight on the front of your body, and people will understand. If you have to lift heavy objects, always lift the correct way. That means squatting and using your legs instead of bending forward and using your back to lift.

Avoid sleeping on your back and stomach. Sleeping on your back places all those extra pounds that are on the front of your body directly on your lower back for the entire time you are sleeping. This can be hard for your back to adjust to. Sleep on your side instead for better weight distribution. If you have trouble adjusting to sleeping on your side, buy yourself a wedge pillow or a full body pillow for a little help.

Get a massage from your significant other or a professional. Your body is carrying the burden of extra weight, and your muscles can get worn out easily when you are pregnant. A massage can help relax those muscles and ease the pain. You can ask your partner for a massage each day, or if you want to pamper yourself, go to a massage therapist for a really good and specialized massage.

Although some back pain might not be avoidable during your pregnancy, there are quite a few things you can to do relieve it and prevent some of it from even happening. Take the advice in the article above to heart, and prevent unnecessary back pain during your pregnancy. Use your energy to focus on planning for your new little one instead of dealing with pain.

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