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Why Your Aching Back Just Won’t Go Away

We spend a lot of time complaining about our aching backs but don’t often realize the factors contributing to the problem. Chances are good that your discomfort is rooted in an obvious cause and that you can do something about it! Keep reading for helpful insight into the most common culprits of nagging back pain.

1. Your job. Labor-intensive work is a leading cause of chronic back pain and injury, and people often fail to take preventative measures. Wear a brace, use lift-assist devices or other people and listen to what your back may be telling you on the job.

2. Your computer. People tend to get absorbed while at the computer, oblivious to the unhealthy position of their bodies. You need a good chair that supports your back constantly, and it should be kept at a practical height, so that your knees bend properly. Otherwise, all the time you spend sitting at a computer will be hard on your back, contributing to constant aches and pains.

3. Your bed. Most of us choose a bed by hopping on it for a few minutes in the showroom, and deciding if its got the right bounce for the buck. Invest in some serious research about which mattress offers you real support for the long-term, even making an inquiry with your physician or chiropractor. Get rid of an old mattress and avoid sleeping with all but a single pillow that offers you good neck support.

4. Your hobby. Sports can be a real pain, despite their obvious benefits to both mind and body. Just as with a computer, we get so absorbed in the activity that we just don’t realize what we are doing to our bodies. You can still give it your all without sacrificing your back. Properly stretch prior to engaging in your favorite sport and consider doing lower back exercises as well.

5. Your weight. The human body, although ingenious in design and capacity, just was not meant to haul around a lot of extra weight, especially in the mid-section. The constant strain will lead to permanent and debilitating back problems; devote the necessary time and effort into dropping those extra pounds.

6. Your family. Back pain can have genetic origins, especially concerning bone density. Ask your family doctor to evaluate this possibility and recommend any dietary supplements or changes you could make that will help alleviate the pain you experience in your back.

7. Your car. Driving for long periods of time can be brutal on a back. If your car seat isn’t designed with your back in mind, pick up a specialty add-on seat that will distribute pressure more evenly. There are many types of products for many kinds of back issues while driving, so you should be able to find something helpful.

8.Your shoes. Both men and women regularly wear shoes that simply are not good for their backs. Sadly, the most comfortable and perfectly worn-in shoes can be the biggest culprits of lower back pain! Purchase shoes with your back pain in mind and focus less on the aesthetics; look for orthopedic design and something that will support your legs and back the whole day long.

You can’t effectively treat your back pain until you know the cause of it; hopefully you have found clues in this article that will help you discover the culprit of your aches and pains and enable you to remedy them!

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