Decompression Therapy

Decompression Therapy To Eliminate Back Pain

Decompression therapy can be one of the greatest blessings ever devised for the sufferer from back pain. This spinal treatment can overcome the likely need for invasive surgery, with all the risks which are attached to this type of treatment. Many back conditions which have been caused by continuous bad posture over many years can … Read more

Traditional Spine Surgeries

Spine Surgeries Can Be Easier Thanks To New Technology

Spine surgeries can provide the ultimate answer to a great variety of back conditions. Back pain is one of the most common ailments in our society, with as many as eight people in ten suffering some degree of back discomfort at some time in their life. This back pain can have a variety of causes, … Read more

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Why Back And Neck Pain Can Often Be Treated In Unison

Back and neck pain can often occur together, and there are many cases where the initial cause for both is the same. Treatments which work to lessen one can also lessen the other as a side effect, although a comprehensive treatment plan should have specific exercises for each. As with so many other medical problems, … Read more

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How Orthopedics Deals With Major Back Conditions

Orthopedics is the science of evaluating and treating bone conditions, and the muscular system which is attached to it. A large part of this science is in the treatment of back conditions, which are among the most common and painful conditions to afflict the human frame. Some of these conditions are degenerative, and start with … Read more

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Why Laser Spine Surgery Is Safer, Faster And More Accurate

Laser spine surgery is a revolutionary new technology which promises to make life a lot easier for people suffering from a wide variety of back ailments. This relatively new method has several great advantages, the main one being that it is a lot safer for the patient than full invasive surgery. It is expensive, but … Read more

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Why Spinal Stenosis Can Be Difficult To Diagnose And Treat

Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal column is narrowed in an unusual and extreme way. This can happen at any point of the spine, from the base to the area near the neck. The condition is actually more commonly found at either of the base areas than in the middle of the spine. If you … Read more

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Laminectomy Patient Needs An Adequate Recovery Period

Laminectomy is a complex back operation which involves the removal of a piece of bone known as the lamina. Despite this, it is rarely the lamina which is the actual cause of the back pain being treated. More often, the lamina has to be removed to allow the other parts of the spine and discs … Read more

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Herniated Disc Treatment Can Involve Invasive Surgery

Herniated disc treatment is necessary whenever a disc in the lower back has come loose, and has possibly deposited gel into the area of the spine and its connected muscles. The treatment will need to be carried out as soon as the condition can be accurately diagnosed, because a herniated disc is a debilitating and … Read more

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What Happens When Back Surgery Is The Only Option

Back surgery is something which no-one wants to endure, but if other forms of treatment have failed it is really the only sensible option. While it may temporarily lead to discomfort and even fear, it can greatly improve your quality of life in the long term. There are many different types of surgery which a … Read more

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You Can Still Work With Back Pain

If you have developed severe back pain, you may wonder if you can still work at your job. It is unlikely you will need to apply for disability; you can continue working at living a full life by making a few changes. Follow the guidelines in this article to make sure your painful back does … Read more